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== Europe ==
== Europe ==
{{User:Arnulf Christl}}
{{User:Arnulf Christl}}
= Lapsed OSGeo Advocates =
= Lapsed OSGeo Advocates =

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OSGeo Advocates are authoritative OSGeo personalities who have volunteered to talk on behalf of the OSGeo foundation. Advocates should be able to speak well, even better if they are entertaining.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of conferences around the world which have an interest in seeing presentations from authoritative speakers, with deep insights into topics related to Open Source Geospatial Software. Luckily, OSGeo is fortunate to draw extensive membership from around the world, and has access to such authoritative figures within most countries.

OSGeo Advocates

This section lists current OSGeo Advocates:


OSGeo Member
Name: Cameron Shorter Camerons444x535.jpg
Job Title: Open Technologies and Geospatial Consultant
Company: Government (NSW, Australia)
City: Sydney
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Local Chapter: Aust-NZ
Email: cameron shorter AT gmail DOT com
Instant Messaging:
Website: http://cameronshorter.blogspot.com/
Language(s): English
Personal Description : Cameron has a breadth of practical experience with the numerous facets of Geospatial Open Source and OGC Standards. He has chaired a FOSS4G conference; served on the OSGeo Board, co-founded and co-coordinates the OSGeoLive project; co-authored OSGeo Software Incubation criteria; and consults to governments and industry on Open Source, Open Standards and Spatial Data Systems.
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URIs of the form "cameron shorter AT gmail DOT com" are not allowed.

OSGeo Experience and Roles:

OSGeo Committee.png  OSGeo Coder.png  OSGeo PSC.png  OSGeo ExBoard.png  OSGeo Charter.png  OSGeo Chair.png  OSGeo Committer.png   More at http://cameron.shorter.net/resume.html


OSGeo Member
Name: Arnulf Christl
Job Title:
Address: Tharpaling, Germany
Country: [[|{{{Country}}}]]
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
Instant Messaging:
Personal Description :
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OSGeo Member
Name: Jeroen Ticheler Avatar of jeroen dot ticheler at geocat dot net
Job Title: Director
Company: GeoCat
Address: Veenderweg 13
City: 6721WD Bennekom
State: Gelderland
Country: Netherlands
Local Chapter: Nederlands
Email: jeroen.ticheler@geocat.net
Instant Messaging:
Website: GeoCat
Language(s): Dutch, English
Personal Description : Jeroen has been promoting the use of international standards and Free and Open Source Software] for geographic data and information for over ten years now. Jeroen served on the OSGeo Board and is a Charter member since the early days of OSGeo.
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[[Website::GeoCat| ]] [[Info::Jeroen has been promoting the use of international standards and Free and Open Source Software] for geographic data and information for over ten years now. Jeroen served on the OSGeo Board and is a Charter member since the early days of OSGeo.| ]]

OSGeo Experience and Roles:

OSGeo User.png  OSGeo PSC.png  OSGeo ExBoard.png  OSGeo Charter.png  OSGeo Committer.png  

Jeroen Ticheler

Jeroen studied Tropical Forestry at the Wageningen University with specialization in GIS and Remote Sensing. Upon graduation in 1997 he worked on Participatory Soil Fertility Management in Africa at the Royal Institute for the Tropics of The Netherlands (also: Tropenmuseum) until he joined the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN FAO in 1999.

At the FAO Jeroen worked on satellite data processing for early warning systems for food security and for desert locust control. He founded the GeoNetwork opensource project in 2001 allowing the agency to catalog its geographic data assets. He participated in writing the United Nations SDI (UNSDI) Reference Architecture as Task group manager Interoperability in the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group UNGIWG. He frequently participated in ISO TC211 and OGC meetings in the past.

In 2007 he founded GeoCat. A commercial company providing Enterprise products, SAAS and services around OSGeo software. GeoCat is a strong supporter and sponsor of OSGeo and FOSS4G conferences and events.}}

Lapsed OSGeo Advocates

This section lists prior listed Advocates who have not recently updated their profiles. These prior Advocates might have refocused their interests in other areas.

Understanding OSGeo roles

Below is an explanation of roles which Advocates might have been involved in as part of OSGeo:

OSGeo board.png OSGeo Board Members

We only have 8 active board members in the world, which have been peer selected based upon their outstanding leadership in the greater OSGeo community.

OSGeo charter.png OSGeo Charter Members

Charter membership is obtained through a strongly contested selection process. Members tend to be developers and leaders in one or more OSGeo projects, and/or OSGeo business leaders, and have a deep understanding in many of the OSGeo projects and principles of Open Source.

OSGeo chair.png OSGeo psc.png Voted position in an OSGeo community

These people hold a position of responsibility within one of the OSGeo sub-communities. This may be a chair of an OSGeo Regional Chapter, or as a member of a project's Project Steering Committee.

Developers and Committee Members

This is where the real work gets done developing and coordinating development of OSGeo Software.

OSGeo Community Members

These people are actively involved in one or more OSGeo communities, acting as users, promoters or supporters of OSGeo software. These people tend to have a practical understanding about how OSGeo software works.

Process for becoming an OSGeo Advocate

Anyone fitting one of the OSGeo Advocate categories, may put themselves forward as an OSGeo Advocate. To do so, you will need to:

  • Create an OSGeo wiki account, to edit this wiki (See "login" link in top right of this page).
  • Create a new wiki page http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/User:<YourOSGeoWikiUserName>, and populate as per User:Template.
  • You can then add your profile on this wiki page, under your Country, using the following:

Annual Refresh of Advocate list

  • The list of OSGeo Advocates will be refreshed annually, after the annual voting of OSGeo Charter Members. This will be achieved by removing Lapsed Advocates, then moving all Current Advocates into the Lapsed Advocate section. All Advocates will be invited to update their profile, and move their profile back into the current Advocates section.

Other Resources

Links to other organizations running a similar process.