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Operational Budget for 2017

Thanks to our sponsors, and a series of successful events, OSGeo has an operational budget for 2017.

The Board took a different approach to the 2017 budget, dividing up by committee. The Board has reached out to each committee for guidance on their 2017 requirements.

Please keep in mind that the following is budget and does not represent a commitment to spend money on the actives listed - to do that we need your help as a volunteer!

OSGeo Board 2016 Budget 2017 Budget Budget Increase 2017 Actual Expenses Notes
Administration 12,000 5,000 (7,000) 1,830 Insurance policy, tax filing fees, accountant, bank fees
Travel 10,000 10,000 0 4,097 Director & President travel (outreach)
Internal events 15,000 0 (15,000) 2016: codesprints, face to face meeting, meetings, community building, sponsoring students.

2017: Budget has moved to separate categories (like committee, travel grants, and PSC budgets)

Outreach events 5,000 n/a (5,000) (responsibility moved to marketing committee, geoforall, and others)
OSGeo Committee 2016 Budget 2017 Budget Budget Increase 2017 Actual Expenses Notes
SAC 13,000 15,000 2,000 6,026 additional costs for website reboot are not included (see bellow)
Open Geoscience 0 6,000 6,000 This is intended to cover:
  • 1 Townhall event at EGU (2,600 USD)
  • 4/5 open monitoring hackatons (3,000 USD)
  • other minor unforenseen costs (400 USD)

Details are availble here:OpenGeosci budget_2017

Marketing 12,000 7,000 (5,000) 3,569 Additional costs for 2017 website reboot and branding are listed below
GeoForAll 3,000 3,000 0 education
UNCommittee (5,000 for half a year) 6,000 1000 636 This is intended to cover:
  • 3,000 USD: participation to 2 international meetings of the UN OpenGIS initiative for 1 person (note that GeoForAll participation is intended to be funded by geo4all)
  • 3,000 USD: Put towards OSGeo-UN Hackathon (fund raising target 20,000 USD) to cover travel costs and possibly effort costs for OSGeo project leads, where UN partners would attend various sprint+workshops) Hosted by the OSGeo-UN committee
Conference Committee n/a 20,000 20,000 8,515 This is intended to cover:
  • 10,000 USD: FOSS4G Travel Grant Program for Annual FOSS4G Conference
  • 10,000 USD: Global Travel Grant Program setting aside up to 10,000 USD against a global travel grant program for OSGeo events (ie with risk/cost/profit sharing with OSGeo or one of our local chapters or projects).
Project Steering Committee 2016 Budget 2017 Budget Budget Increase 2017 Actual Expenses Notes
Sum n/a 17,500 17,500 14,668 Codesprints, Developer meetings.

Based on feedback from: GRASS, QGIS, GeoServer, ZOO-Project, OpenLayers, MapServer, PyWPS, GeoMOOSE, pycsw, GSoC

Website Reboot and Marketing Strategy 2016 Budget 2017 Budget Budget Increase 2017 Actual Expenses Notes
Website/Rebranding n/a 40,000 40,000 51,026 Initial 30,000 USD approved by board has been increased to 40,000 by amendment.
Website/Rebranding n/a 5,000 5,000 This 5,000 from marketing committee budget (combined with 5,000 from sponsorship to reach target budget).
Infrastructure Migration and Support n/a 3,000 3,000 SAC backup budget for unplanned website-related expenses.
Grand total 75,000 (budgeted) 137,500 62,500