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* Frank Warmerdam
* Frank Warmerdam
* [[User:Adiez|Agustin Diez]]
* [[User:Adiez|Agustin Diez]]
* [[User:mlennert|Moritz Lennert]]
[[Category: Software Stack]]
[[Category: Software Stack]]

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There are plans about new cartographic tools (map composer) for QGIS, as well as for GRASS. We suggest to develop a joint library for the various functions which could be shared across GRASS, QGIS and other projects with bindings to Qt, Python etc. The GUI part will be done within the individual software projects.


Shared functions may include

  • break for classes (various algorithms)
  • histogram analysis
  • color ramps
  • RGB and possibly CYMK support (aka color transformations) etc.
  • Algorithms for intelligent label placement
  • Symbology management

Programming Language

  • C? C++?

Existing code to be recycled

There will be code in GRASS, QGIS, the Python Cartographic Library (http://zcologia.org/cartography) and other sources which could be integrated (check license compatibility). Please indicate precisely where to find the source code, license, programming language:


It is proposed to license the OSGeo Cartographic Library under LGPL. The license needs to be GPL compliant.

Interested people