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Bring together project members to make decisions and tackle larger geospatial problems as in previous years:


Sponsoring Find out about Sponsoring the Event.

Venue Sponsor

University of Minnesota

Gold Sponsors


Safe Software


Silver Sponsors


EOX IT Services GmbH



Bronze Sponsors

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Dates and Times

  • Date: May 14-17 (4 days)
  • Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm each day

Other Events from January to May 2019

  • OSGeo's 13th birthday Feb 4
  • FOSS4G-NA 2019, April 16-19 in San Diego, CA
  • please add your event


  • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Coding Venue


Several hotels are within walking distance of the venue. Here are a few options:

Hotel Name Price Range (USD) Distance Notes
Courtyard by Marriott Minneapolis 175$+ .5 mile Walking distance to Wilson Library, University Campus
Graduate Minneapolis 185$+ 1.9 miles On University Campus and Light Rail transportation
Hampton Inn & Suites Minneapolis 152$+ 2.2 miles On Light Rail transportation

How to get there

Flights - Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP)

Sixteen commercial passenger airlines service the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP); 11 are located at Terminal 1 - Lindbergh and 5 are located at the Terminal 2 - Humphrey.

Light Rail Transit - Light rail transit (LRT) trains stop at both Terminal 1-Lindbergh and Terminal 2-Humphrey and connect travelers to 17 other destinations, including downtown Minneapolis to the north and Mall of America to the south.

Metro Transit Map of LRT Stations shows the light rail stops; take the Blue Line to the Cedar-Riverside stop for the Wilson Library, University of Minnesota venue.


  • breakfast each day around 8:30am
  • lunch every day around 12:30pm

Social Events

Project Plans

(i.e what do you wish/want/plan to work on during the sprint ?)

  • MapServer:
    • placeholder target
  • add your project


Please add your name and the projects you are planning to sprint and note the likeliness of your attendance.

No Name Country Email Organisation Projects Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Likelihood Food Restrictions
1 Steve Lime US steve.lime@state.mn.us State of Minnesota MapServer x x x x x x x x Certain
2 Howard Butler US howard@hobu.co Hobu, Inc. PROJ, GDAL, PDAL x x x x x x Certain
3 Connor Manning US connor@hobu.co Hobu, Inc. Entinwe, PDAL x x x x x x Certain
4 Jim Klassen US jklassen@sharedgeo.org SharedGeo MapServer, GDAL, GeoMoose x x x x x x Certain
5 Bob Basques US bbasques@sharedgeo.org SharedGeo MapServer, GeoMoose x x x x x x x Certain
6 Paul Ramsey CA pramsey@cleverelephant.ca Crunchy Data PostGIS, GEOS x x x x Certain
7 Dan "Ducky" Little US theduckylittle@gmail.com MapServer, GeoMoose x x x x x x Certain No pref
8 Daniel Morissette CA dmorissette@mapgears.com Mapgears MapServer, GDAL/OGR x x x x x x 99%
9 Kari Geurts US kari.geurts@state.mn.us State of Minnesota x x x x x x x x Certain
10 Even Rouault France even.rouault at spatialys.com Spatialys GDAL/OGR, PROJ, Mapserver x x x x 50%
11 Piero Toffanin US pt at masseranolabs.com MasseranoLabs OpenDroneMap x x x x 50%
12 Stephan Meißl AT stephan.meissl@eox.at EOX MapServer, EOxServer x x x x 50%
13 Norman Barker US norman@tiledb.io TileDB GDAL x x x x Certain
14 Kirk McKelvey US kmckelvey@extensis.com Extensis (was LizardTech) x x x x Very Likely
15 Martin Davis CA martin.davis@crunchydata.ca Crunchy Data PostGIS, GEOS x x x x Certain
16 Jody Garnett CA jody.garnett@gmail.com OSGeo x x x x Certain
17 Andrew Bell US andew@hobu.co Hobu x x x x Certain
18 Rich Greenwood US rich@greenwoodmap.com Greenwood Mapping, Inc. x x x x Certain veg
19 Michael Smith US michael.smith.erdc@gmail.com US Army Corps PDAL,Proj,GDAL,MapServer x x x x x x Certain



Participants should plan for the following costs:

  • Travel to Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Accommodation for x nights

Individual preparation


The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) has a long tradition of organizing code sprints for developers of Open Source GIS software. (https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Category:Code_Sprints).

An international community/code sprint for OSGeo will take place May 14-17, 2019.

We expect about 50 developers from all over the world to come from various OSGeo projects. Whether desktop application, geospatial library, metadata catalog or web mapping: be sure to find products in the list that you use. The sprint is also an opportunity for your developers to meet with the core developers of the projects, get a deeper insight into the software and participate in the development.

This years' sprint will take place at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in Minneapolis and will be hosted by U-Spatial and organized by SharedGeo and members of the local OSGeo user group (TCMUG).

In addition to the costs of providing the technical infrastructure and space, food and drink for the developers represents the main cost. Morning/afternoon meals and drinks during the day are planned. In addition, we hope to provide several evening meals and social events.

In order to cover these costs we would be overjoyed to accept offers of sponsorship!

What we can offer:

  • Your logo on top of the community sprint website as well as on all official documents used during the sprint
  • Acknowledgement in all sprint related emails
  • Our undying gratitude, which comes in handy when you least expect it (remember that feature you wanted?)

Our sponsorship levels:

  • Gold: >= 2500 USD
  • Silver: 1500 USD
  • Bronze: 750 USD


  • get your company talking to the top project developers.
  • encourage your GIS developers to take advantage of this opportunity, there is no better opportunity to learn!
  • support the software you use - you benefit immediately.

Thank you very much!

Contact: To sponsor, please contact tosprint@lists.osgeo.org directly.

Event Owner

Press Release

We are looking forward to the next OSGeo Code Sprint!