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* Measure conversions
* Measure conversions
* Track improvements made by marketing initiatives  
* Track improvements made by marketing initiatives  
==[http://wiki.osgeo.org/images/6/6d/Osgeo.pdf Online Presence Presentation] - Have a look and ad your opinions!!!==
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* [http://opengeo.org/ organization which has taken the lead in rebranding itself, the OpenGeo group]
* [http://opengeo.org/ OpenGeo group]

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Online Presence

The internet is becoming the main tool to promote organizations, find users and create retention (making a user stay longer on the website and use it's service on a regular basis) on any place in the world. Internet marketing is a means in which to to find new users and contributers in a structured and mensurable way. Different from other kinds of marketing such as print. This kind of promotion allows the marketer to accurately measure marketing initiatives through logs generated by a web site's activity. Through this form of promotion, it is possible to:

  • Improve a web site's usability
  • Track where the main activities are being placed
  • Measure conversions
  • Track improvements made by marketing initiatives

Online Presence Presentation - Have a look and ad your opinions!!!

"I think it's really time to seriously look at how to market OSGeo as an organization to executives with checkbooks, and I think an improved web presence is a key part of that task." (Christopher Schmidt)


  • Should this effort should be pursued within the existing marketing community in OSGeo, or pursued by some other group already existing within OSGeo?


Materials To improve

  • Overview of OSGeo and what it is
  • Overview of the projects that are currently supported by OSGeo, targeted towards executive -- rather than

developer-oriented -- summary

  • How OSGeo achieves its goals in supporting these projects
  • How organizations can help support OSGeo in the above task.