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Project sponsorship opportunities:
Project sponsorship opportunities:
* [http://www.gvsig.com gvSIG Association] supporting the OSGeo gvSig Desktop application
* [http://www.gvsig.com/en/web/guest/contribution gvSIG Association] supporting the OSGeo gvSig Desktop application
* [https://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/governance/sponsorship/sponsorship.html QGIS.ORG] supporting the OSGeo QGIS Desktop application
* [https://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/governance/sponsorship/sponsorship.html QGIS.ORG] supporting the OSGeo QGIS Desktop application
* [http://www.zoo-project.org/new/Get%20involved/Sponsorship zoo-project]
* [http://www.zoo-project.org/new/Get%20involved/Sponsorship zoo-project]

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This draft material for blog post and how to sponsor page

Note several events and initiatives are not yet published as they lack an appropriate link explaining the value and recognition being offered to prospective sponsors.

Welcome to an exciting year of community building at OSGeo! Many of our activities are only possible thanks to the support of our volunteers and sponsors. If you are in position to finacially support our community, events and activities in 2018 we would love to hear from you.

OSGeo sponsorship is accumulated across events recognizing organizations that support us financially at each level of our community from grass roots local chapter advocacy, hands on project sprints, industry focused foundation initiatives, to outreach at FOSS4G internationally.

OSGeo initiatives:

  • The conference committee heads up a travel grant program offering financial assistence to help attend OSGeo events.
  • UN Committee is spearheading a series of capacity building exercises supporting open source adoption through improvements to documentation. This initative encourages young innovators, selecting from competing bids to directly support open source.

Event sponsorship opportunities:

  • FOSS4GUK - OSGeo:UK hosting March 8-10
  • OSGeo Code Sprint 2018 Annual Code Sprint comes to Bonn (Germany) March 18-25
  • FOSS4GNA - opportunity to learn, explore, share, and collaborate on the latest foss4g ideas and information May 14-16.
  • FOSS4G-Europe 2018 - FOSS4G Europe, July 16-21, Portugal.
  • FOSS4G - our celebrated annual event August 27 - September 2.
  • Free and Open Source Geographic Information Technologies and Open Data Conference - Comunidad gvSIG Uruguay/GeoForAll Iberoamerica hosting October 11-12
  • FOSS4G Asia 2018 - open source transformation for sustainable development Dec 2-5
  • Additional regional and project events will be announced throughout the year, keep your eye open for a chance to assist either financially or in person.

Project sponsorship opportunities:

  • gvSIG Association supporting the OSGeo gvSig Desktop application
  • QGIS.ORG supporting the OSGeo QGIS Desktop application
  • zoo-project
  • In addition to those listed above we accepts sponsorship and PayPal donations for all our OSGeo projects and Community projects making funds available to their respective project teams.

Local chapters accepting sponsorship:

OSGeo sponsorship benefits range from website placement, inclusion in promotional material, to events and press releases. For additional information, examples and available discounts, please see our sponsorship page (or contact treasurer@osgeo.org with your questions).