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To help to create a consistent graphical user interface experience for free and Open Source Software for GIS (Slight modification from Tango's motivation)


The Tango Desktop Project has been launched to do the same for the broader foss world. It has defined an icon style guide and uses the freedesktop.org icon naming specification. By using the same guidelines for the OSGeo icon set we can use the already vast set of standard icons available through the Tango project. The goal of the OSGeo Icon Set is to create the GIS-specific icons required by various software projects.

Available Material

  • Tango's base icon set
  • QGIS icon set Robert Szczepenak has created a QGIS icon theme inspired by the Tango Project. We can use this as a starting point for the general OSGeo Icon Set.

Required Icons

A list of the GIS specific icons, preferably with their names according to the icon naming specification

Basic GIS object

  • map
  • mapset
  • layer
  • layer-raster
  • layer-vector
  • layer-db
  • layer-wfs
  • layer-wms
  • layer-gps
  • point
  • vertex
  • line
  • polygon
  • polygon-island
  • polygon-ring

Basic GIS action

  • layer-create
  • layer-delete
  • layer-add
  • layer-edit
  • layer-open
  • layer-save
  • layer-import
  • layer-export
  • layer-redraw

View actions

  • zoom-in
  • zoom-out
  • zoom-layer
  • zoom-extent
  • zoom-last
  • zoom-refresh
  • zoom-selection
  • view