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Oregon State University's Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) hosts four OSGeo machines.

  • OSGeo service users should file a ticket with SAC (http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo). Under normal conditions only SAC primary administrators should file tickets with OSL. Support tickets are filed by sending emails to support at osuosl.org, please also notify SAC via a trac ticket or mailing list.
  • General Questions from OSGeo SAC can also be discussed on their freenode channel #osuosl .

General Information on VMs

  • By default the VMs allow shell access to folks in the LDAP SAC shell access group. Some VMs (ie. qgis.osgeo.org) have their own shell access.
  • Selected users are listed in the sudo group in /etc/group for super user access - this can be extended machine by machine as needed by those with permission.
  • The VMs also are preconfigured with ssh authorized keys for selected OSGeo primary admins to login directly as root (see /root/.ssh/authorized_keys), avoiding the LDAP requirement - useful if LDAP is misbehaving.
  • See SAC:Standard System Setup for details on how to setup a new VM.
  • The VMs also have an osuadmin account used by OSU OSL admins for work.
  • All VMs should be listed in the SAC Service Status page under osgeo3 or osgeo4.

How to Administer Servers

There are currently 4 physical servers at OSUOSL. Each has their own web interface requiring OpenVPN access to OSL network in order to access it. You will find credentials for this in secure container on OSGeo 7 in root/access folder.

There is one for each server e.g. osgeo3.osgeo.osuosl.org for login details for osgeo3 server.

This needs to be written up including information on:

  • How to get console access to VMs?
  • Who has access to the physical machines?
    • OSUOSL - Lance is our primary contact (Ramareth on #osuosl)
  • Dealing with disk space issues.
  • Analysing performance problems.
    • 1st stop is to use the monitor instance.

Opening a ticket

If having serious issues with hardware, like the physical host is unreachable even thru the KVM interface.

  • Write to 'support at osuosl.org' - only OSGeo SysAdmins should write to support. Other users should put in a trac.osgeo.org/osgeo for general issues
    • don't forget to say on which physical machine the VM is (osgeoX, get that from SAC Service Status)
    • Example: tracsvn.osgeo.org is on osgeo7
  • if urgent, kindly ask in irc://freenode/osuosl