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OSGeo Oceania is governed and managed by a Board of Directors (the Board). The Board can delegate responsibilities to sub-committees as needed.

Its purpose is to foster the growth of the geospatial open source & open data community in the Oceania region, including the oversight and stewardship of a FOSS4G & SotM Conference series.

Terms of Reference

The OSGeo Oceania Terms of Reference, ratified on 2018-12-17.

Board of Directors

The inaugural board consists of the following directors:

  • Adam Steer - Director - OSGeo Charter Member - OSGeo Marketing Committee
  • Alex Leith - Director - OSGeo Charter Member
  • Andrew Harvey - Director
  • Cameron Shorter - Director - OSGeo Charter Member - OSGeo Marketing Committee
  • Daniel Silk - Director
  • Edoardo Neerhut - Director
  • Greg Lauer - Director
  • John Bryant - Director - OSGeo Charter Member
  • Jonah Sullivan - Director
  • Kerry Smyth - Director
  • Martin Tomko - Director
  • Trisha Moriarty - Director


The primary responsibilities of the board are to:

  • govern and manage OSGeo Oceania, with regard to finance, risk, and sustainability of the


  • provide oversight of the conference committee, and ongoing stewardship of the conference


  • coordinate other related outreach activities, including local FOSS4G and State of the Map events
  • maintain a relationship with OSGeo and the OpenStreetMap Foundation, and maintain OSGeo &

OSMF chapters in good standing

  • hold accounts, domain names, and other administrative tools, data, and assets as needed
  • enter into agreements with other parties as needed.

In order to guide the organisation towards a mature state, in 2019 this board will aim to:

  • determine a process for recruiting and managing an appropriate general membership
  • determine a process for renewal of board membership, including accountability to the general

membership, and clarify such items as term limits and staggering of terms

  • determine a process for inviting expressions of interest and selecting groups wishing to host the

annual FOSS4G SotM Oceania event

  • determine and formalise an appropriate non-profit structure
  • submit an official expression of interest to the OSGeo board to form an OSGeo local chapter
  • apply to the OpenStreetMap Foundation board to form an OpenStreetMap local chapter.