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2019 Election


  • John Bryant
    • I have a deep passion for this community, and want to see it thrive. I've been heavily involved in the organisation of the 2018 & 2019 conferences, and in the creation of OSGeo Oceania, so I have detailed knowledge of the history & founding principles of this organisation. I'm committed to the principle of empowering other people to step up and take leadership roles in the management of the organisation, whether they are directors or otherwise, and feel I can play a key role in helping to make this happen. Finally, I have thought deeply about where I think this organisation should go in 2020 and beyond, and would be motivated to work in collaboration with others to realise this vision.
  • Jan Ducnuigeen
    • As a participant in FOSS4G conferences in North America and Australia, I was always impressed with the connections people build across countries. I was on the organizing committee of the 2019 FOSS4G Oceania conference, and have been inspired to further sustain the organisation and bring together a diversity of ideas and people. The conferences in 2018 and 2019 have been an ideal way for reaching out to the furthest reaches of Oceania and building a stronger geospatial community, and I look forward to supporting these efforts.
  • Dionne Hansen
    • (Accepted, awaiting statement)
  • Martin Tomko
    • (Accepted, awaiting statement)
  • Greg Lauer
    • (Nominated, awaiting confirmation of acceptance)
  • Alex Leith
    • I have been volunteering with OSGeo Oceania and the previous committees for around two years now, and I would like to continue to add to our young organisation's structure and processes. I'm not ready to move on yet, I still have lots to give. I'm currently serving as the Treasurer on the inaugural Board, and have relevant prior experience including three years on the SSSI Board.
  • Daniel Silk
    • (Nominated, awaiting confirmation of acceptance)
  • Edoardo Neerhut
    • (Nominated, awaiting confirmation of acceptance)
  • Adam Steer
    • (Accepted, awaiting statement)
  • Emma Hain
    • (Nominated, awaiting confirmation of acceptance)
  • Jonah Sullivan
    • I have a strong interest in the Free Open Source Software theme. I’ve become increasingly involved in these communities, as evidenced by my membership on the Local Organising Committee for the first FOSS4G SotM Oceania Conference in 2018, and my subsequent membership on the OSGeo Oceania board in 2019.
      I am also active locally, as organiser of the monthly meetings of the Canberra Python User Group since 2017, and the GIS Community of Practice at my workplace.
      I have also played a role in coordinating the Local Organising Committee from across the South Pacific that was awarded the opportunity to host the FOSS4G SotM Oceania Conference 2020 in Fiji.