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FOSS related Sessions

EGU 2016

In 2016 there will be multiple FOSS-related sessions at the EGU, see below. If you are aware of other EGU sessions about FOSS, please annotate them below.

ESSI sessions

ESSI2.8 Quality-checked Software as a safe investment in Science: Lessons from Open Source communities Convener: Peter Löwe, Co-Conveners: Massimiliano Cannata, Margherita Di Leo, Raffaele Albano

ESSI3 Open Science 2.0 Informatics for Earth and Space Sciences

ESSI3.4 Open Access to Research Data and Public Sector Information: perspective, drivers, and barriers Convener: Lorenzo Bigagli, Co-Conveners: Stefano Nativi, BERIT ARHEIMER, José Miguel Rubio Iglesias

ESSI3.5 Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Geoinformatics and Geosciences Convener: Jens Klump, Co-Conveners: Dominik E. Reusser, Peter Löwe, Markus Neteler, Yann Chemin

GI3.6/EMRP4.20/ESSI3.11/GM2.5/NH9.14 Low cost sensor systems and open source solutions for monitoring and assessment in the geosciences (co-organized) Convener: Pauline Miller, Co-Convener: Amy Woodget

HS Session

HS3.3 Open Educational and Outreach Resources for Water Education -- PICO Session Convener: Attilio Castellarin Co-Convener: Thorsten Wagener