Open Source GIS Conference--Portland, OR

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Open Source GIS Conference--Portland, OR
April 16th and 17th, 2010
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

This "unconference" will follow a 2-day traditional GIS conference, GIS In Action(GIA), which will also include some open source tracks--mostly concentrated on Thursday. GIA has a single day rate for those who would only want to attend Thursday.

This Friday/Saturday event will take place at University Place and will have access to several rooms for different tracks. Track 1 is in a room that seats 125, tracks 2 and 3 in rooms that seats 70.

Depending on the number of attendees, we can scale back accordingly within three days of the event.

Day 1

9am - Registration
9:30 - Put sessions in rooms based on votes
10:00 -sessions start
track 1 in a room that seats 60, track 2 in a room that seats 30, several other smaller rooms available for more focused "sessions".

Day 2

Track 1
9am - Codesprint/Documentation Sprint

Track 2

More Unconference?

Planning Meeting Agenda/tasks

  1. Purpose
  2. Location - how many rooms, what size?
  3. Participation expectations/reach
  4. Volunteer availability - local chapters, project reps
  5. Crossover with other orgs/projects?
  6. Funding: sponsors vs registration fee