Ottawa Chapter Report 2007

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Ottawa Chapter

Key Accomplishments

  • regular meetings, with a combination of presentations to share experience, and social/networking purposes, with a wide range of participants
  • presentations exposed the community to developments in a number of OSGEO/FOSS4G projects, including GDAL, PROJ, Geoserver, GRASS, Mapbuilder, Nunaliit, the Antarctic Atlas, and Mapnik
  • booth presence at the GIS Day events at Carleton University and University of Ottawa, as well as Software Freedom Day
  • developed and hosted a GRASS/QGIS workshop
  • shared experiences from FOSS4G07 with community members that couldn't make the trip to Victoria

Areas for Improvement

  • keeping momentum going to have regular meetings is occasionally challenging

Opportunities to Help

  • suggest presentations that you might be able to give to the group
  • encourage others to give presentations, or submit suggestions to the group on things you'd like to see
  • help pay attention to the calendar and get meetings scheduled, venue reserved, A/V equipment arranged

Outlook for 2008

  • more great (informal) meetings!
  • work together towards presence at GeoTec 2008 (Jun 2-5, in Ottawa)
  • GIS Day 2008
  • which lucky members can make it to South Africa?