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Praveen Kumar Sinha


Serving the Geological Survey of India since 14th July, 1986

Location: India

Professional experience

Experienced in field work for more that 10 years field programs on

  • Geological mapping,
  • Mineral exploration, : Exploration for plateau type bauxites in a basaltic country
  • Mineral exploration : Exploration for diamonds
  • Trainings in digital technology
    • Primary course on Computer Basics,
    • Geographical Information System (ARC/INFO),
    • Oracle 8 and Developer 2000,
    • Advanced Training in Arc/Info on N.T.
    • Attended trainings on Raster GIS, Internet GIS, ARCGIS, ARCSDE and Prospectivity Mapping.
    • I have attended trainings in the modules covering Principles of Cartography, Principles of GIS and Principles of Remote Sensing at ITC, the Netherlands (September to December 2000).
  • Geoinformatics: 1996-97 to 2001 and 2004 to 2007 I was a member of the team engaged in creation of geoscientific databases (geological information system) in Oracle and GIS environment.
  • Faculty in GSITI for trainings in digital concepts and geographic information system: Started as a guest faculty (since March 2001) and there after as core trainer (since September 2001) led a favourable environment to enthuse me to my dedicated association with the training programs of the Organisation. As a core member of the faculty, I had utilized my innovative and modern methodology in the transfer of knowledge and development of the Scientific Human Resource of the organisation and Nation. I have been sharing my experience in the field of Geoinformatics and the knowledge acquired (with practical on ILWIS) at a short stint at ITC, the Netherlands. Courses covered wide fields from GIS: Raster, Vector, 3D, SRDBMS, capture, manipulation, analysis and modeling etc.
  • In the year 2005, I was introduced to FOSS by Mr. Ravi Kumar (then Director, GSI; now an advocate member – OSGeo). Initiation of working in GRASS, followed by OpenJump, QGIS
  • Spatial data editing for higher degree of authentication, data standardisation, projection management for the data acquired from feeder state centers, gap & overlap removal, edge matching, establishing the seamless-ness finalisation, geometry validation (simplification) for geological data layers (covering 13 themes and a region of 929 toposheets), maintanance of regional repository (PostGIS), positioning the GCPs of layers to correct point etc.

This work was carried out using FOSS: OpenJump, PostGIS (Postgres), spatialite (Sqlite).

This data is loaded on Portal of the organisation.