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PDX-OSGEO OpenSourcery, NW Portland Wed August 24th, 2011


  • Attending: Skip, Percy, Christian, Ryan, Darrell, Tim, Eli, Neil


  • New meeting time 6-7 and social afterwards across the street,
  • WhereCampPDX Oct 8th - we should be involved with this. Perhaps setup software walk through of the OSGeo Stack


Demo I – bioregion and convening

  • Simple: very stripped down MarineMap
  • Tool to explore bioregions
  • Various factors (Tempurature, precipitation, language, etc) used as user defined input to model
  • GRASS is the backend for the model. Based on wrapper of GRASS that makes shell calls.
  • Model returns bioregion based on least-cost analysis
  • User can refine parameters
  • Can edit, move, refine, share results
  • Once bioregion is defined, reports are available (Climate Change, Socio-economic, Natural hazards) done with PostGIS
  • Working with Global datasets for analysis was a challenge
  • Probably rebrand MarineMap as a general purpose spatial platform sometime in the future
  • Uses Google Earth browser plugin

Demo II - eCatch

  • Mobile - needs Chrome, Safari, or other WebKitSDK browser
  • Continue across the street

Reports back