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PDX-OSGEO meeting
2/22/2012 6-7:30
Location: Collective Agency, 322 NW 6th Avenue, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97209; Beer at nearby pub to follow, probably Pints
  • Buzz "200" when you arrive. The phone rings once or twice, then you'll be buzzed up. Elevator access available. Indoor bike parking available upstairs.



  • Rob, Edwin, Tanya, Eli, Rafa, Matt, Scott, Tim, Jeremy, Jeff, Andrew, Neal

Regular meeting business

(e.g., Upcoming GIS events/conferences, next meeting presenters or topics, discussions, updates, etc.)

  • Gift for OpenSourcery. If you were able to enjoy our old meeting space with them consider bringing a contribution of $5 or more.
    • Soft Cities midnight commander blanket - contribute funds. Sign card too


  • UTFGrid support for openlayers (Matt)
    • ascii art mapped to data dictionary
    • all in browser, avoids going to server
    • Adding this new to OpenLayers (was in some others [modest maps, leaflet] already)
    • New OpenLayers Layer and Control (UTFGrid) - similar to tiles - x/y/z
    • ascii art and corresponding data dictionary are all in json file, can have multiples
    • UTFGrids created by TileMill, TileStache (both Mapnik) python implementation perhaps coming
  • Spatial surveys on the windows tablet (Tim/Ryan)
    • Continue technique of using Django to take applications on and offline
    • Tablets now - Windows 7 talet demo'ed
    • Attribute surveys
    • Mapping component (ExtJS, GeoEXT, OpenLayers...)
    • Bigger buttons, pinch zoom, swipe, digitize
    • TileCache pre-generated and accessed on hard-drive
    • Easier to do on a full blown OS and get access to computer as opposed to iOS or Android

More regular meeting business

  • GIS in Action conference talk proposals. Give your talk or let's brainstorm for them. Do we want to do an unconference day?
    • Morning session will be smackdown - interfaces: leaflet(Lev or Rafa?), Google (Christian)
    • Karsten not able to present due to schedule uncertainty
    • Afternoon session will be smackdown - caches/servers: TileMill (Edwin), MapCache (), (Or: give afternoon time slot back, change title from ESRI+Open Source, Brian might have something, Dean ORTools...?) Update: depending on time slot, Dean can do ORTools. Dean is moderating for "Real-world GIS" so he is available.
    • GIS In Action table: Sign up with Jeremy, include some focus on Surveyors (gvSIG/Sextante), GPS/Mobile,
  • State of the Map US in Portland in fall

Remaining schedule (every fourth Wednesday)