PDX OSGEO 20121017 Meeting

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  • Renewable Funding
  • 400 SW 6th Ave, suite 902
  • 6pm-7:30pm
  • directions/map
  • Access Details: Exit the elevators on the ninth floor and it's the double glass doors immediately to the left.
  • If you arrive after 6pm, please buzz the security guard, who will open the doors and let you up to the 9th floor.


  • Crazy ConferenceMonth wrap-up
  • November/December meetings. (since we moved to 3rd wednesday, do we keep skipping Nov/Dec?)
  • Mothball planners list for while?
  • GIS in Action Unconference
  • Alex Mandell (CA OSGeo chapter)


Attendees: Alex (UC Davis), Craig Beebe (1000 friends), Aram Hata (UN – GIS officer), Neil (city of Portland), Percy (no explanation needed), Matthew (Public Laboratory), Eli (Lincoln County), Brian (GIS enthusiast), Wm (Flightstats), Mele (Trimet), Grant (Trimet), Darrell (Renewable funding), Jeremy (iTen developer), , Tanya (OR Coastal Program), Katie (Pedestrian GIS jammer), Christian (BlueSky GIS)

Next Meetings

  • November: Next month we'll be at Flightstats
  • December: not sure yet

Conference Reports

  • SOTM-US was awesome!
  • Where Camp report - we sponsored WhereCampPDX $180 plus $60 from members.
  • GISPro report - Ignite session at URISA was good

UnConference Planning

GIS in Action Unconference – Tentatively this will be Monday the 29th of April, 2013. We'll plan it for a late start so travelers from CUGOS can join us. We'll roll that into the first day of the conference with a full day open source track to make the Monday-Tuesday an open source back to back option.

Presentation by Alex Mandel (UC Davis)

  • Tour of OSGeoLive DVD – great for offline work, teaching, etc. All the projects have descriptions & tutorials, and sample data.


  • QGIS development – lots of cool things you can do with QGIS. Everyone should check out Aaron's QGIS tutorial from foss4g 2011


  • GeoNode – data sharing environment (integrates geoserver w/ geonetwork). Version 1.0 is stable, 1.1 is not, 1.2 will have some cool stuff that comes from GeoServer 2.2


  • EoXServer – like GeoNode but for MapServer


Future meeting schedule for 2012 (every third Wednesday)

  • November 21st - We'll be at FlightStats (522 SW 5th Ave, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97204)
  • December 19th - TBD