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Work in progress

discussion (in Spanish)

Main information

Name Year OSGeo Live License Ohloh Repository Tech
OpenLayers 2007 Yes Yes 2-clause BSD ohloh Github HTML/JS
OSMDroid 2008 - - CC3.0BySA ohloh Google-code Android
Mapsforge 2010 - - LGPL3 ohloh Google-code Android/Java
Leaflet 2010 - - 2-clause BSD ohloh Github HTML/JS
OsmAnd 2010 - - CC ByNcSa3 and GPL-3.0 ohloh Google-code Android
GeoPaparazzi 2010 - - GPL-3.0+ ohloh Google-code Android
gvSIG-Mini 2010 - - GPL-2.0+ ohloh Prodevelop Android
Graphhopper 2012 - - Apache-2.0 ohloh Github Android
OsmSharp 2012 - - CC ByNcSa3 and GPL-3.0 ohloh Github All