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* [[New York Code Sprint 2010|New York City]] (2010)
* [[New York Code Sprint 2010|New York City]] (2010)
* [[Toronto Code Sprint 2009|Toronto]] (2009))
* [[Toronto Code Sprint 2009|Toronto]] (2009))
While past code sprints have targeted
members of the "C Tribe" (e.g.,  MapServer, GRASS, GDAL, Proj, PostGIS,
MapGuide, OpenLayers), other open source geospatial tribes are welcome to join the sprint.
The event organizer, Azavea, is also proposing that this be a joint code sprint with the Eclipse Foundation's LocationTech working group.  There are several developers
that work on projects associated with both OSGeo and LocationTech, and we believe
it be an opportunity for some healthy exchange and collaboration.
== Dates and Times ==
== Dates and Times ==

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Bring together project members to make decisions and tackle larger geospatial problems as in previous years:

Dates and Times


  • Welcome event: evening of Mon, Feb 22
  • Sprint: Tues, Feb 23 - Fri, Feb 26 (4 days)


  • 16bis Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris - Mozilla Foundation
  • Metro: Grand Boulevard ou Richelieu Drouot


We are planning for attendance of ~50. Please add your name and the projects you are planning to sprint and note the likeliness of your attendance.

# Participant Country Arrival Departure Project Work on Notes
1 Olivier Courtin FR first day last day PostgreSQL/PostGIS, OWSServer Definite - No special needs