Paris Code Sprint 2016

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Bring together project members to make decisions and tackle larger geospatial problems as in previous years:

Dates and Times


  • Welcome event: evening of Mon, Feb 22
  • Sprint: Tues, Feb 23 - Fri, Feb 26 (4 days)


  • 16bis Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris - Mozilla Foundation
  • Metro: Grand Boulevard ou Richelieu Drouot

Project Plans

(i.e what do you wish/want/plan to work on during the sprint ?)


We are planning for attendance of ~50. Please add your name and the projects you are planning to sprint and note the likeliness of your attendance.

# Participant Country Arrival Departure Project Work on Notes
1 Olivier Courtin FR first day last day PostgreSQL/PostGIS, OWSServer Definite - No special needs
2 Angelos Tzotsos GR first day last day OSGeo-Live, pycsw Very Likely - No special needs
3 Stephan Meissl AT first day last day MapServer Very Likely - No special needs
4 Jeff McKenna CA second day last day MapServer Very Likely - No special needs
5 Markus Schütz A first day last day Potree Interested but not sure if able to
6 Michael Smith US first day last day PDAL / MapServer Highly likely
7 Howard Butler US first day last day PDAL / MapServer Highly likely



Participants should plan for the following costs:

  • Travel to Paris
  • Accommodation for four nights (including breakfast)

All other costs - food, outings and entertainment - should/will be covered by the sponsors


We have three sponsorship levels:

  • Gold: > 2500 €
  • Silver: 1500 €
  • Bronze: 750 €

We encourage sponsors to support nutriment and entertainment for the sprinters as they work hard and play hard for four or five productive days. Contributions will be put towards lunch, snacks, and dinner costs for the sprinters, and potentially bringing in sprinters who might otherwise be unable to attend. Any surplus at the end of the event will be turned over to OSGeo or used for a future code sprint.

Sponsors will receive the following honors:

  • Your logo at the top of this page
  • Mention in all of our public communication
  • Our undying gratitude, which comes in handy when you least expect it (Remember that feature you wanted...)

To sponsor, please contact Olivier Courtin (oliver dot courtin at oslandia dot com) directly.