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* [http://www.geo-one-stop.gov/ Geospatial One Stop]
* [http://www.geo-one-stop.gov/ Geospatial One Stop]
* [http://gcmd.nasa.gov/index.html Global Change Master Directory]
* [http://gcmd.nasa.gov/index.html Global Change Master Directory]
* [http://clearinghouse1.fgdc.gov/ National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse]
=== Geo Data Repository & Policy Research ===
=== Geo Data Repository & Policy Research ===

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There is an official official foundation committee page which provides more detail on meetings and discussions.


Promote the use of open geospatial formats

Providing best-practise guidelines and examples for use of open and free standards for data (GML, WMS, WFS-T) and metadata (Dublin Core, RDF).

Promote public access to state-collected geodata

Lead by example in demonstrating economic value and research activity generated by open access to public geographic information.

Run a repository of open geodata

A collection of geospatial datasets shall be hosted by the PGDP. Additionally, links to other open data repostories shall be collected.

Present and explain licenses for public geodata

The PGDP aims to collect licenses suitable for the publishing of public geodata. The license shall be presented along with a summary of its benefits and focus.


After a Definition phase this has become an official committee within OSGeo.

Working Groups

At the first meeting of the geodata committee we decided to focus interest through three Working Groups:


This group is having regular meetings on IRC on the #osgeo channel on irc.freenode.net. At the moment this is happening on Wednesdays at 15:00 UTC. fixed time around the world

People interested in participating

  • David Bitner
  • Allan Doyle
  • Florian Kindl
  • Pericles S. Nacionales
  • Markus Neteler
  • Jo Walsh
  • Helton Uchoa
  • Aaron Racicot - Ecotrust - aaronr at ecotrust.org
  • Daniel Brookshier
  • Schuyler Erle
  • Jeff McKenna (DM Solutions)
  • Steve Coast
  • Mikel Maron
  • Alessandro Frigeri
  • David Blasby
  • Dan Putler
  • Please add yourself

Organizations to beneficially connect with


Events where we can either promote our positions or are likely to run into like-minded individuals.

Geo Data Repositories / Group Collection Projects

Geo Data Repository & Policy Research

On the Geodata Repository page, a draft outline for OSGeo's own repository project is being prepared.

Geo Data Policy Advocacy

Open Access

There are also more general open access movements, often aimed at scientific data, that could provide a venue for broadening awareness of the geo-specific issues.

Further Reading