Q&A Stage 2 Buenos Aires

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Questions to the BALOC from CC

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  • Jonathan Moules
    • I didn't see anything about sustainability (of the eco-friendly variety) in there apart from the venue itself being sustainable. What are your sustainability aims? Thoughts:
      • Will you be sourcing your "conference swag" sustainably (i.e., not from sources that exploit Indiginous People?)
      • Will you be sourcing your Tea/Coffee/Chocolate sustainably (i.e., not from sources that exploit Indiginous People & children?)
      • Will your caterers source food locally by preference?
      • Does your travel grant prioritise sustainable travel over flying?
      • Will you be providing bottled water or some re-usable cups (FOSS4G UK did this for 2019 - worked well)?
      • Will the food lean away from carbon-intensive foodstuffs?
      • How do you anticipate regional participants to travel there? (I'm guessing Local = public transit and International = flying).
      • Will you default to opt-out for the t-shirt?
      • Will you provide any sort of carbon-credit offset as part of the conference fee for those who choose to fly?
    • Will you cater to various dietary requirements?
    • Travel Grant - Have you considered other potentially under-represented groups - those with disabilities for instance (about 18% of the UK population - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/disability-facts-and-figures/disability-facts-and-figures - alas I couldn't quickly find the stats for Argentina). This is far more than the ~0.4% (UK again) who identify as Non-Binary ( http://www.allabouttrans.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/non-binary-gender-factsheet.pdf )
    • GeoChicas - I'm not sure what a "geochica" is, but what's the logic to arbitrarily splitting it by gender? This seems the exact opposite of the stated "inclusive".