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Has the project been approved for incubation by the OSGeo board?
Yes. See IncCom thread and board minutes.
* http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/incubator/2007-February/000620.html
* http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Twenty_Fifth_Board_Meeting

Has an Incubation Mentor been assigned to the project?
Yes, Bob Bray has been assigned mentor to the project.

Infrastructure Transition

Note, for each of the following it isn't necessary to move to foundation infrastructure, but if you aren't a reason should be provided.

Has the projectname.osgeo.org domain been populated with the projects web presence?
No, a request to WebCom has not been made. There is a link to the QGIS website on the OSGeo front page.
Is the OSGeo bug tracker being used for the project?
No, the project is in the middle of a release cycle and moving the bug tracker would be too disruptive at this point.
Is the OSGeo mailing list manager (http://lists.osgeo.org/) being used for the project?
No, current mailing lists are working well and we are waiting for filling of new QGIS Community Advisor role before migrating any web presence.
Is the OSGeo SVN being used for the project?
No, the project is in the middle of a release cycle and moving SVN would be too disruptive at this point.
Are binary and source downloads available from http://download.osgeo.org ?
No, a request to WebCom for this has not been made.

Community Functioning

Is there a functioning user support mechanisms (ie. mailing list)?
There are both user and developer mailing lists and a forum. All are in active use and seem to serve the community fairly well
Are source and binary downloads for the package available?
Has a Project Steering Committee been formed, and given control of the project?
Yes the PSC consists of five members (we have one vacancy). Current members are:
* Marco Hugentobler - Technical Advisor
* Tim Sutton - Release Manager
* Otto Dassau - Community Advisor
* Gary Sherman - Chairperson
Does the Project Steering Committee have documentation on project procedures for PSC decisions, contributor guidelines, etc.
Yes, documents can be found on the wiki at http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki/ProjectSteeringCommittee as well as the main page (http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki).
How many active developers are there? Are they from multiple organizations?
There are currently 5 active developers, all from various organizations. Most contribute personal time rather than that of their organization.

Foundation Membership

Have project documents been updated to reflect membership in the foundation, and the relationship of the project to the foundation?
Not yet. This will be done once the PSC elections are complete.
Has an effort been made to brand the project web site with OSGeo foundation web styling and branding marks?
Not yet. This will be done once the PSC elections are complete. The OSGeo banner/logo will be placed on the website.

Code Copyright Review

Has a Code Provenance Review document been prepared for the project?
Have issues raised in the provenance review been adequately addressed?
indicate outstanding issues.
Are Commiter Responsibilities Guidelines covering legal issues in place?
These are not formally established, however developers understand the need to comply with the project license as well as not include copyrighted code that is restricted in use.