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** Simon Mercier (2009-2013)
** Simon Mercier (2009-2013)
** Jean-Denis Giguère (2011-2013)
** Jean-Denis Giguère (2011-2013)
** One seat was not filled
** One seat was not filled (will be proposed again during the 2013 election process)
=== Areas for Improvement ===
=== Areas for Improvement ===

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Quebec Local Chapter Report for 2012

Key Accomplishments

  • The highlight of 2012 was the Rendez-vous OSGeo-Quebec 2012 in Saguenay on October 17-18, organized in collaboration with VisionGeomatique 2012. This second edition of Rendez-vous OSGeo-Quebec consisted in a dedicated stream of open source talks as part of the program of the larger VisionGeomatique event (~350 visitors), and the OSGeo-Qc room was packed for both days of the event.
  • Held local meetings around the province:
    • August 30, 2012: Participation in a Geo-5@7 in Quebec City to promote Rendez-vous OSGeo-Quebec 2012
  • Elections for the Quebec Local Chapter Steering Committee took place between February 12 and 19, 2013 (yes, that's 2013, so we were a little late). The current steering committee members for 2012-2013 are:
    • Daniel Morissette (2008-2014)
    • Thierry Badard (2008-2014)
    • Simon Mercier (2009-2013)
    • Jean-Denis Giguère (2011-2013)
    • One seat was not filled (will be proposed again during the 2013 election process)

Areas for Improvement

  • We need to come back to holding more regular meetings/events around the province to keep the momentum going.

Opportunities to Help

  • OSGeo-Qc's participation in Geomatics 2013 (October 3-4 2013) will offer lots of opportunities for people interested in contributing:
    • Join the organizing committee
    • Answer the upcoming call for presentations and share your work with your peers
    • Help with specific tasks
    • Register for the event and join us in Montreal in October!

Outlook for 2013

  • The main activity of 2013 will be OSGeo-Quebec's participation in Geomatics 2013 in Montreal (October 3-4 2013, website URL not available yet)
  • We will also continue to hold local meetings ("5 à 7") around the province with 2-3 15 minute presentations each time