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Weblate is an instance of the Weblate server that runs in an LXD container in Osgeo9 and provides document translation servers for OSGeo community software. .

It can be accessed via (login with your OSGeo Userid)

Location and configuration

The application runs in LXD container called weblate on OSGeo9. It is run within that application using various docker containers launched with docker compose under the account weblate. Data is in a PostgreSQL database.

The configs are in /home/weblate/weblate-docker-compose


At the moment Regina Obe (creator of the container) and Sandro Santilli are admin users, although from the web UI this seems to provide no useful settings.

For maintenance and changes, administrators can access the container directly using

 ssh *ldap_account*@osgeo9-weblate

Hosting your own project

Those who want to host their own project should put in a ticket in [Ticket] to be granted project creation permissions.

Aside from general request, how you automate weblate use within your app depends on how you are hosted. The step generally includes two steps: 1. Setting up a webhook in your project to notify weblate of changes:

2. Giving Weblate commit access

Gitea add ssh pubkey as a deployment key in your gitea project Github Invite the osgeoweblate github account to your project. Gitlab TBD