SAC Meeting 2010-06-07

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SAC OSL Transition Meeting

Tentatively planned for June 10th at 11am EST:

Place: #osgeo IRC channel on freenode.

Supporting Documents


  • Alex: Brief summary of the VM creation status at OSL.
    • Created: Web,Secure,Wiki,QGIS,Webextra,Tracsvn,Backup
  • Assign primary responsibility for transition of various key services (wiki, backup, mailman, trac/svn, ldap)
  • Refine timeline for migration.
  • Refine role of the less obvious VMs like "webextra", and "projects".
  • Discuss access control strategy (sac, telescience and qgis shell groups for instance)
  • Discuss service documentation strategy
  • Discuss how we interact with OSL, and how we get access "under the VMs".
    • In the works, access to the host machines will be granted via ssh keys, the same keys used for root on the VMs.
  • Support for SSL logins to our services.


Attending:FrankW, Wolf, CRSchmidt, nhv, strk, wildintellect, TylerM, Arnulf


  • Chris reported on current progress, notably with the trac/svn transition.
  • Porting services off osgeo2:
    • Chris, to webextra VM
    • macho, otto, to qgis VM
    • Tyler needs to harvest some info to Web VM
    • Plan to shutdown osgeo2 by end of June.
  • webextra vs. projects:
    • webextra is SAC administered "foundation" services, shell group "sac"
    • wildintellect migrating to webextra.
    • projects is user/project administered services, shell group "telascience".
    • Project VM sized at 250GB disk, 8GB RAM, 4 CPUs: wildintellect to request creation from OSUOSL
    • metadata, grass and mapbender services will be establish on Projects VM until a compelling reason is found to establish project specific VMs.
  • osgeo1:
    • Plan to shutdown osgeo1 no later than the end of September.
    • Web VM will have all the Drupal sites (, fdo, mapguide) and the port will be done by Wolf, Tyler and (Anne Ghisla)aghisla
    • Mail VM (mailman, postfix): FrankW for Mailman, someone yet to be named to do the email/postfix configuration.
    • Martin to migrate this to the secure VM.
  • we expect bare iron access to the two physical servers in the next week or two from OSU OSL.