SAC Meeting 2018-09

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Where and When

Planned this month

Thursday Sep 27th 2018 20 UTC

Meetings Happened

Thursday Sep 13th 2018 20 UTC

  • Role call:

Robe2 cvvergara jmckenna wildintellect markusN TemptorSent

Thursday Sep 20th 2018 20 UTC

  • Role call:

cvvergara markusN TemptorSent wildintellect


Talk about hardware plans

  • Setup new hardware (maybe we can start together in session) - Regina confirmed can connect to OSUOSL Network via OpenVPN, asked for ips of things can connect to)
  • Need to fill in Wiki page and get started doing something with it SAC_Service_Status#osgeo_7.
  • We need to flesh out the setup details and start setting it up Osgeo7.

September 20th

  • trying to use the vpn
    • robe: they link they sent for the box - with my OSUOSL vpn on, I can't get to it, could just be a local problem on my computer
    • wildintellect: haven't tried yet
    • task: test connection to OSUOL by robe and wildintellect (date & time TBD)

September 13th

  • Accessing using VPN

Other topics

  • GCI program can we use the students for something?

September 20th Tasks for students

  • research about uploading and do virus scanned on uploading items
  • research LDAP/SSH key

September 13th

  • Students will work on badges for wiki and webpage
  • after program ends we can decide which one (if any) we can use

Open tickets needing attention

September 13th

  • homework: add issues to the list above thinking on what we can do this month


Next Meeting

Proposed Time: Thursday Sep 20th 2018 20 UTC

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