SAC Meeting 2019-03

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Where and When

Meetings Happened


Talk about hardware plans

    • Regina completed install of nginx lxd container, and (which proxies thru the nginx container), started setting up a debian10 lxd container for ssh access (not completed)
    • docker template container completed and used to build dronie server / agent
  • Discovered nginx the way currently set up can't see external ip - need to do differently than just proxying port which means we'll need a dedicated IP for nginx
    • Can we ask OSUOSL for an extra ip

NEXT STEPS: For robe - setup container (for testing first with no data) and with nginx will require LDAP ssh (requires figuring out theldap/ ssh issue on lxd)


    • OSUOSL donation and FunToo donation are we set?

System Contracts

  • Regina has a draft contract would like to go over - added ticket numbers and slated things for contract
  • New contract for Vicky for supporting Wordpress,
  • LDAP+SSH Keys
  • Migrating OSGeo Wiki Logins to OSGeo LDAP

Open tickets needing attention

Other topics

  • are we feeling ok now with the cracked geotools account on osgeo6?
  • We need to change the passwords, and move to key only login
  • confirmed password auth is now off
  • we should clean the keys and deploy new ones
  • geotools should create new keys and supply the public key.

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