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Current OSGeo Secretary is Astrid Emde

Regular Tasks


Scribe minutes from board meetings (see

Transfer Motions to Loomio Polls

After elections

Annual (at least)


Note all records are kept in the OSGeo DropBox folder.

charter membership

  • Maintain the charter membership spreadsheet
    • Maintain list with full name, nationality, email address, etc
    • Track last-voted dates (to monitor activity status), in cooperation with CROs
    • Tag inactive Charter Members (and remove from list / subtract from elections total voters)

Contributor agreements

  • Maintaining electronic folder of contributor agreements
  • Archive paper copies
    • note: these currently live at mpg's house
  • Update web page of contributor agreements



move tasks to todos for more info

  • Talk to sponsors (as board)
  • Talk to organisations on our events - and on their events (as board)
  • Private SVN repository (with sac
  • List of passwords (in the private repository)
  • Service for finding out particular member details and details about licence agreements
  • Redefine incubation process (stars, levels, ....
  • Get the passwords:
    • page