SoC Application Rankings by Project 2007

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This page segregates SoC applications by project, so that projects can rate their applications in priority order.


  1. A Synthetic Aperture RADAR Processor using GDAL - Philippe Vachon
  2. GDAL Raster Driver for PNG/JPG Tile Structure + gdal2tiles utility - Petr Prindal
  3. GDAL: KML read support for the existing driver - Jens Oberender
  4. OGC WMS GDAL driver - Adam Nowacki
  5. GDAL: Driver for GeoRSS - Jens Oberender


  1. GRASS Modules for line generalization and smoothing - Daniel Bundala
  2. GRASS Global Least Cost Path Module - Daniel Bundala
  3. A new simulation/optimization algorithm for least cost path - Bobby Powers
  4. Line generalization module for GRASS - Milena Nikolic
  5. Shortest path in free (vector) space avoiding obstacles module in GRASS - Maximilian Maldacker


Mentors avaialble from GeoTools, GeoServer and uDIg communities.

Proposal Student GeoTools GeoServer uDig New
UDig Sensor Observation Service Client Jan Jezek x X
Implementation of An Interactive GeoRSS tool in uDig Rui Li X X
Caching data in uDig Christophe ROUSSON X x x
JTileCache Christopher Whitney x X X
Plugins for multidimensional raster data sources Daniele Romagnoli X x x
New Transformation Algorithms for GeoTools and uDig Jan Jezek X x x


  1. Coverage model and operations for PostGIS - Xing Lin
  2. Materialized Views with Geometric Support - Eduin Yezid Carrillo Vega