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=== [[Stephan Meißl]] ===
[[File:Stephan_768x768.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Stephan Meißl]]
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CTO at [http://eox.at EOX IT Services]
[[Category: OSGeo Member]]
[[Category:OSGeo Charter Member]]
Location: Vienna, Austria
Stephan Meißl is an active OSGeo member contributing to MapServer, OSGeoLive, etc. He is a regular at FOSS4G conferences and was organizer of the Vienna Code Sprint 2014. He maintains an admittedly not very active [http://stephan.meissl.name blog].
; OSGeo Experience [[File:OSGeo_charter.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#OSGeo_Charter_Members]] [[File:OSGeo_psc.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#Voted_position_in_an_OSGeo_community]] [[File:OSGeo_coder.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#Developers_and_Committee_Members]] [[File:OSGeo_user.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#OSGeo_Community_Members]]
:* Developer and member of the [http://mapserver.org MapServer] PSC
:* Developer and chair of the [http://eoxserver.org EOxServer] PSC
:* Contributor of [http://live.osgeo.org OSGeoLive]
:* Organizer of the [http://vienna2014.sprint.osgeo.org OSGeo Code Sprint 2014] in Vienna, Austria
:* [http://www.osgeo.org/charter_members OSGeo Charter Member] since 2014
; Contact
: mail: stephan at meissl dot name
: IRC: StephanMeissl
: Twitter: [https://twitter.com/schpidi @Schpidi]
: [http://github.com/schpidi GitHub]
: [http://at.linkedin.com/in/meissl LinkeIn]
; Spoken Languages
: German, English
; Profile last updated:
: January 1, 2015

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Name: Stephan Meißl
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Address: Wien
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