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A rough dump of key target areas for further discussion and planning. Ties into our Marketing Targets too.

  1. ACADEMIC engagement - gaining ground in supporting educational uptake of OSGeo software; starting an academic roundtable/network that goes beyond a committee and raises funds through academic membership fees; helping to fund OSGeo generally, but also to aim at development of curriculum to improve training. Can lead to a broader group seeking grants, awards, 3rd-party funded workshops, research, papers, internships and more.
  2. BUSINESS interaction - similar to above, explores more ways for businesses to network; to help them quickly catch up on new changes in technology we can do mini-events; help get guidance for building collective value within OSGeo from those who are implementing it; special FOSS4G side event; special distributed local events too; empowered group for whitepapers, articles, success stories.
  3. OGC cooperation - build on our MOU; find common ways to work together for shared goals, events, media opportunities; also seen as a way to engage current proprietary locked-in users that could use open source. Likewise some sort of engagement with open data advocates was raised as important.
  4. NGO/GOVERNMENT - similar to academic and business concept - bring together communities of practise that can benefit from seeing what others are doing; encouraging OSGeo adoption within gov't/orgs; providing venues (e.g events, workshops) for focused work to be done to meet their needs; will help influence policy.