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Thai Chapter of OSGeo

About Thai OSGeo Chapter

The Thai OSGeo Chapter is formed to fulfill the mission and objectives described in this document. Thai OSGeo Chapter will earnestly follow the Local Chapter Guidelines stipulated by OSGeo and cooperate closely with OSGeo Board in promoting the use and development of OSGeo projects in Thailand. The Thai OSGeo Chapter will strive to serve anyone interested in Open Source Geospatial Solutions and related issues, and to cover all the activities associated with the application, development and promotion of Open Source Geospatial solutions in Thailand.


The main mission of Thai OSGeo Chapter is to complement and strengthen the efforts of OSGeo in increasing awareness about available Open Source Geospatial solutions and stimulating adoption in education, industry, government and non-profit organizations in Thailand. In order to fulfil its mission, the Thai OSGeo Chapter aims to;

  • Promote OSGeo and Open Source Geospatial Software tools
  • Support activities of Open Source Geospatial Software communities in Thailand
  • Software Localization and Customization
  • Development of prototype applications to demonstrate Open Source geospatial capabilities to local and regional audiences
  • Software Packaging and Customization forThai users
  • Training, Support and Development of e-Learning Contents
  • Support Open standards and Open access to geospatial data in Thailand



  • follow up on Thai language support in various free/opensource GIS tools like GRASS, MapServer etc.
  • development of toolkit for customized and localised geospatial solutions.
  • development of prototype to showcase capabilities of free/open source geospatial software
  • improve an enhance existing free/open source geospatial software

POCs (Proof Of Concept demos):

  • free/opensource based GIS demos
  • Collaborative platforms for participatory governance

Regional Events:

  • Workshops and Training sessions for
    • comp science students/teachers
    • geology/geography/civil engineering students and teachers
    • others
  • Special Lectures
  • Demonstrations


  • Networking Local Communities related to geo-issues
  • Mailing Lists
  • Wiki

Thai OSGeo Chapter Officers

Thai OSGeo Representative
Dr Phisan Santitamnont
Department of Survey Engineering
Chulalongkorn University
Bangkokr, Thailand
E-Mail: phisan_chula at yahoo dot com

Thai OSGeo Chapter Coordinators
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Prototyping, Localization, PoC Committee
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Regional Events Committee
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Education and Training Committee
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Dr. David A. Hastings (hastingsd at un dot org
Dr. Kurt T. Rudhal (kurt at cpe dot kmutt dot ac dot th) ..Add more Advisors here

Initial Membership

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