Toronto Code Sprint 2009

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Get together project members to make decisions and tackle larger problems. We have chosen a mid-North American location because this code sprint is targeting members of the "C Tribe" (eg, Mapserver, GRASS, GDAL, Proj, PostGIS, MapGuide) and many members of the "C Tribe" are clustered in the area. Toronto is also a major travel hub, for sprinters traveling from afar. Other tribes are welcome to join the sprint, of course, but we hope that "C Tribe" members will give this event special consideration.


We are seeking four sponsors each willing to provide a $500 sponsorship that will be put towards venue, internet and lunch costs.

Thanks to our sponsors so far!

  • Rich Greenwood


When: Saturday March 7 - Tuesday March 10, 2009.

Duration: Four days from approximately 9am-4pm


Bond Place Hotel
65 Dundas Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2G8, Canada
Telephone: +01 416 362 6061
Toll Free: 1 800 268 9390
Fax: 416-360-6406


When reserving, please specify "OSGeo" as the block name. There are 15 rooms under the OSGeo block name. The block rate is $79/night.


Participants should plan for the following costs:

  • Travel to Toronto, variable depending on where you are.
  • Accommodation for four nights, $160 to $400 depending on what room you choose and whether you room share.
  • Shared venue cost, $50 to $0 depending on whether we can arrange sponsors.
  • Meals. Dinners at least, we may be able to cover lunches/morning snacks if we can find sponsors.


We are planning for attendance of 20-40. Please add your name and the projects you are hoping to sprint on, if you have a strong intention to attend.


  • Extra items that would be useful (please sign up if you can bring)
    • Wireless hub
    • Wireless hub
    • Projector
    • Screen

Room Share

If you would like to room share,

  1. Reserve a room at the hotel, choosing a type with more than one bed.
  2. Put your name in this section, indicating the amount of space in your room.

Put your names below:

  • A has a double room, needs a roommate.
  • B has a triple room, needs two roommates.