Toronto Code Sprint 2009 Agenda

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The Need for Speed...

Performance is the universal feature, and the latest Geoserver vs Mapserver results indicate that there are places throughout the C stack that can use improvement.


  • Run Mapserver under load and review where Proj4 takes a hit (everywhere)
  • Caching of PJ structs, Should make QGIS and Mapserver faster.
  • Parsing of proj strings. Switching from the hand-coded parser to flex-generated parser might yield some improvement.


  • Run the Geoserver benchmark tests under profiler and review results
  • Single-pass querying, will bring WFS speed up to par
  • Mapserver as Apache module, removes FastCGI instability and is potentially even faster, see #2565


  •  ?


  • Roadmap for 1.5+
  • New on-disk format? Aligned double?
  • New GEOS coordinate sequence to bind on top of aligned PostGIS structures?
  • Profiling and review profile results


  • Administrivia, what to do without a full-time maintainer?
  • Roadmap for 3.2?