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Anne Ghisla

Anne Ghisla

Location: San Michele all'Adige, Italy

Anne is a natural scientist who got interested in GIS and open source programming during university. She started with GRASS GIS and QGIS, first met the OSGeo community by helping on documentation. Then she started programming in 2008 thanks to Google Summer of Code, and became mentor and administrator for OSGeo in following years. She is interested in spreading the word about open source and GIS among students and researchers, and her main objective is to connect people and communities of different software projects.

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Email: a DOT ghisla AT gmail DOT com
IRC: aghisla on freenode (#osgeo, #grass, #qgis, #opticks...)
Spoken Language(s)
Italian and French (mother tongues), English (fluent), German (basic)
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