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Arnulf on a bright black and white day

Arnulf Christl is on the Board of Directors and currently president of OSGeo. He is active member of the Incubation Committee, Conference Committee and part of the Mapbender PSC. He is dormant member of the Website Committee, SAC and Public Geospatial Data Committee where he can be reactivated if needed.

Ongoing Tasks

  • Give a face to OSGeo as President. Feel that we need another wrinkle in that face? Then please contact me.
  • Attend to Board of Directors' jobs
  • FOSS advocacy
  • Develop and promote FOSSGIS Business Models
  • Keep track of Events
  • Mapbender architecture and software design
  • Bridge to and differentiate between OGC and OSGeo


Arnulf is currently traveling around Cusco at latitude -13.515272196 longitude -71.975025265 and a little hard to reach.

Foundation contact
Business contact
Base location
<georss:point>50.7342 7.0707</georss:point>
Bonn, Germany
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UTC (GMT) offset
Standard time zone: UTC -5 hours (Peru)

{{#umSetParam: -13.515272196|-71.975025265|Cusco, Peru|Arnulf Christl|Arnulf Christl}}

{{#umUserMap: Arnulf Christl}}