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OSGeo Member
Name: Nicolas Roelandt Nicolas roelandt.jpg
Job Title: GIS Engineer
Company: IFSTTAR
City: Marne-la-Vallée
Country: France
Local Chapter: Francophone OSGeo Chapter
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): French; English
Personal Description :
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OSGeo Experience and Roles:

OSGeo User.png  OSGeo Translate.png  OSGeo PSC.png  OSGeo Charter.png  OSGeo Committer.png   GIS user and FOSS hactivist, I combined both by joining the French chapter of OSGeo.

I participate to the OSGeoLive documentation and translation on [Transifex https://www.transifex.com/osgeo/osgeolive/dashboard/]

2016: FOSS4G-fr, Paris, France: organization, program committee

2017: FOSS4G-EU, Paris France: organization, workshop committee

2017: OSGEO charter member

2017: OSGeoLive PSC

2018: FOSS4G-fr, Paris, France: organization, program committee

2019: FOSS4G Bucarest, Romania: R spatial workshop, OSGeoLive workshop, Are we going back to command line ?, gFlowiz project presentation