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Borys Jurgiel

Borys Jurgiel

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Borys is a freelance GIS architect and programmer. Involved in programming since early nineties, he studied environmental protection and geography as well. In order to satisfy his passion for landscape ecology and combine his curiosity of world with lust of creation and a little activist inclinations, he had no other choice but become a foss4g developer. Besides coding, he tirelessly tries to enthuse people about foss4g at conferences, training courses and lectures at the University of Warsaw.

OSGeo Experience (optionally add icons here)
  • QGIS developer
  • QGIS trainer and FOSS propagator
Email: info AT borysjurgiel DOT pl
Spoken Languages
Polish, English; basic: Czech, Russian, German
Written Languages (prefered)
C++, Python, PHP, JS+CSS, SQL, R, etc
Profile last updated
10 July 2013