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More at http://cameron.shorter.net/resume.html
More at http://cameron.shorter.net/resume.html
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OSGeo Member
Name: Cameron Shorter Camerons444x535.jpg
Job Title: GeoSpatial Programs Manager
Company: Jirotech
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Local Chapter: Aust-NZ
Email: cameron shorter AT gmail DOT com
Phone: +61 2 8099 9000
Instant Messaging:
Website: http://cameron.shorter.net/resume.html
Language(s): English
Personal Description : Cameron has a breadth of practical experience with the numerous facets of Geospatial Open Source and OGC Standards. He has chaired a FOSS4G conference; served on the OSGeo Board, co-founded and co-coordinates the OSGeo-Live project; co-authored OSGeo Software Incubation criteria; and consults to governments and industry on Open Source, Open Standards and Spatial Data Systems.
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OSGeo Experience and Roles:

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