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== Daniel Morissette ==
{{OSGeo Member
I'm a software developer, mostly interested in webmapping and data access and distribution. I have been an active developer and user of open source geospatial software since 1999 and have led and/or contributed to several open source projects over the years:
|Name=Daniel Morissette
|Address=Chicoutimi, QC, Canada
* [http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/ MapServer] (member of the MTSC)
|Coordinate=48.403644, -71.061508
* [http://www.gdal.org/ GDAL/OGR]
* [http://mitab.maptools.org/ MITAB] (project lead)
* [http://AVCE00.maptools.org/ AVCE00 and E00Compr] (project lead)
* [http://www.maptools.org/ MapTools.org] (one of the instigators and maintainers of the maptools.org portal)
* Involved directly or indirectly in several [http://www.maptools.org/ MapTools.org] projects
And finally a shameless plug for my company, [http://www.mapgears.com/ Mapgears], which offers consulting, technical support and software development services in the open source geospatial software field, and more specifically Web mapping using [http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/ MapServer] and [http://www.maptools.org/ MapTools] technologies.
''Contact:'' dmorissette at mapgears dot com

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Name: Daniel Morissette
Job Title:
Address: Chicoutimi, QC, Canada
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Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
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