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[[Category:OSGeo Member]]
[[Category:OSGeo Member]]
{{#umSetParam: 78.4027|17.3125|Hyderabad, India|Harryom|Harish Kumar Solanki}}
{{#umSetParam: 78.4027|17.3125|Hyderabad, India|hksolanki|Harish Kumar Solanki}}
{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Harish Kumar Solanki
|Name=Harish Kumar Solanki

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Harish Kumar Solanki
Senior Assistant Professor
NIRD&PR, Hyderabad, India

Harish Kumar Solanki is a Senior Assistant Professor at the 'National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR), Hyderabad', Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. He is a great propagator of FOSS4G. He leads and conduct Training programs in the 'NIRD&PR' and promotes OSGeo software for use in the public authorities. His extensive work on GIS focuses on Watershed Management and Rural Development.

Since November 2010, he has conducted about 43 practical lab based Training programs,being mostly single or main resource person, on Applications of Open Source QGIS in Rural Development Sectors, of 5-6 days duration, for Senior and Middle level officials/functionaries of Rural development, public representatives and reputed NGO. NIRD&PR provides free of cost training to Government officials,Elected Public representatives and reputed NGO representatives.

He has created a LinkedIn group also to provide 'post training support' platform to the participants. Group presently has 300 active members, with growing numbers after each training program.

He actively remains involved and interested in activities of OSGeo-India and participated in FOSS4G-India 2012 at IIIT, Hyderabad and FOSS4G-India 2015 also. In some training, he invites OSGeo-India charter members also for special lectures.

He is actively involve in QGIS Hindi translation and he is coordinator of Hindi language on QGIS project on 'Transifex' online platform of translations.

His main targets/wishes related to FOSS4G are;

- Apart from continuing training at NIRD&PR, to conduct some seminars/workshops for senior nodal officials of Government, on use of Open Source GIS in various thematic areas of Rural Development Sector, with the help of OSGeo-India and Professionals working in Open Source GIS/Data/Standards field.

- Under guidance and help of competent organizations and persons, to make NIRD&PR, Hyderabad as a hub of professional short and long term courses on Open Source OSGeo products of Desktop/Web utilities, Open Database (PostgreSQL) Management, GIS Applications/Customization using open Languages like Python, to provide a committed and competent cadre of Open Source GIS experts for serving Government and Corporate sector in a cost effective manner.

- To Translate Manuals, and other related documents in Hindi and other major languages of country.

- To providing Virtual training environment to the participants.

- Promote OSGeo and its activities in India.


LinkedIn Profile:

A case study for use of QGIS in Indian government:

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{{#umSetParam: 78.4027|17.3125|Hyderabad, India|hksolanki|Harish Kumar Solanki}}

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Name: Harish Kumar Solanki
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Address: Hyderabad, India
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