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===Jáchym Čepický===
{{OSGeo Member
{{#umSetParam: 15.270|50.331|Kopidlno, Czech|Jachym|Jáchym Čepický}}
|Name=Jáchym Čepický
|Address=Kopidlno, Czech
[[File:JachymCepicky.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Jachym Cepicky]]
|Coordinate=50.331, 15.27
Employed at [http://hsrs.cz Help Service - Remote Sensing]
Location: Czech Republic
Jáchym is active in various Open Source GIS projects as a user and developer. He was member of GRASS GIS. He is author of PyWPS and HSLayers. He is helping a little with development of OWSLib and OpenLayers and he was chair of the program committee at FOSS4G-CEE 2012 in Prague.
;OSGeo Experience[[File:OSGeo_charter.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#OSGeo_Charter_Members]] [[File:OSGeo_committee.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#Developers_and_Committee_Members]] [[File:OSGeo_translate.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#OSGeo_Community_Members]] [[File:OSGeo_chair.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#Voted_position_in_an_OSGeo_community]]:
: Contributed to:
:* GRASS GIS http://grass.osgeo.org
:* OpenLayers http://openlayers.org
:* OWSLib http://owslib.geopython.org
:* PyWPS http://pywps.org
:* HSLayers http://hslayers.org
: jachym.cepicky AT gmail DOT com
: Skype: jachymc
: blog: http://les-ejk.cz
;Spoken Language(s): Czech, German, English
;Profile last updated: 02 July 2012

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OSGeo Member
Name: Jáchym Čepický
Job Title:
Address: Kopidlno, Czech
Country: [[|{{{Country}}}]]
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
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