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{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Chiara Cooley
|Name=Chiara Cooley
|Company=GIS Mexico
|Address=Aguascalientes, Ags, México
|Address=Paseo de la Reforma 300
|Country=Mexico City
|State=Mexico City
|Coordinate=21.90826, -102.29413
|Coordinate=21.90826, -102.29413
{{OSGeo Experience
[[Category:OSGeo Member]]
Chiara Cooley
[http://www.gismexico.com GIS México Solutions]
<p>Geographic Solutions of Mexico</p>
GIS Mexico Solutions specializes in the design, development and implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a technology company primarily based technologies and open source products.
Our developments include geospatial databases (PostgreSQL / PostGIS , Oracle Spatial, MySQL and SQL Server) , Map Servers (GeoServer and MapServer, ArcGIS Server ), Web Client ( OpenLayers, Leaflet, MapFish, GeoMap) Desktop Client (Quantum GIS, GeoMap) and Mobile (Android, PhoneGap, iOS, GeoMap) devices .
Besides implementing geospatial databases, information layers and the customer display, we also develop Geospatial (Geospatial Web Services) Web Services interaction with these geographic systems: Spatial Analysis, Questions Geolocation, Optimal Routes Edition Satellite Mapping web, etc...
Finally we also provide training on topics such as geography courses :
- Introduction to Geographic Information Systems with Free Software
- Introduction to Geographic Information Systems with ArcView
- Maps Application Development Web (Web Mapping)
- Maps Application Development Web (Web Mapping) II (Web Services)
- Geographic Information Systems for Risk Analysis
- Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Management and Spatial Planning
- Development of Geographic Applications for Mobile Devices.
- Introduction to gvSIG development platform.
:Web: www.gismexico.com
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OSGeo Member
Name: Chiara Cooley
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Address: Aguascalientes, Ags, México
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