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|Name=Jarrett Totton
|Address=Norton, Canada
I am new to the world of GIS. I am a student currently in New Brunswick, Canada taking a GIS Technology course. I am not a programmer.
|Coordinate=45.645248, -65.798667
Currently I am learning to use the GRASS GIS software. My plan is to first learn all that I can about grass and the different modules and tools it offers. I then plan on delving into python a bit on my own. I have no idea where to start with python yet so I am postponing my learning in it until I have mastered the working of GRASS. After I have learned GRASS and Python both to a level where I feel comfortable I want to start building my own modules for GRASS and maybe learn some other languages (C++).
My goal with all of this learning is so that, with free open source software, I can bring GIS to people who would greatly benefit from it but lack the funding and resources to buy expensive commercial software.
I am also interested in the collection of GIS data with handhelds.
Jarrett Evan Joseph Totton
Forest Technologist
Fish and Wildlife Technologist
GIS Technologist
New Brunswick, Canada

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Name: Jarrett Totton
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Address: Norton, Canada
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