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===[http://users.ntua.gr/tzotsos Angelos Tzotsos]===
===[http://users.ntua.gr/tzotsos Angelos Tzotsos]===
[[File:OSGeo_compass300.png|thumb|right|100px|Angelos Tzotsos]]
[[File:tzotsos.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Angelos Tzotsos]]
Researcher, [http://www.survey.ntua.gr/en/rslab Remote Sensing Laboratory, NTUA]
Researcher, [http://www.survey.ntua.gr/en/rslab Remote Sensing Laboratory, NTUA]

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Angelos Tzotsos

Angelos Tzotsos

Researcher, Remote Sensing Laboratory, NTUA

Location: Athens, Greece

Angelos is a remote sensing expert with background in surveying engineering and software development. He is involved in numerous activities around free and open source software and has great experience in geospatial applications. His research involves object-based image analysis, machine learning, computer vision and remote sensing. He is an active advocate of OSGeo in Greece at related conferences.... more.

OSGeo Experience

OSGeo coder.png OSGeo user.png

  • OSGeoLive. Build manager and developer. Maintainer of the Greek translation of the project.
  • pycsw. Developer. Contributor of APISO and INSPIRE support.
  • zoo-project. Contributor of linux packages and documentation. Currently core developer.
  • Orfeo Toolbox. Contributor.
  • OWSlib. Patch contributor.
  • MSEG. Personal project
  • GIMED. Personal project
  • openSUSE official member and official geospatial package maintainer.
Email: tzotsos AT gmail DOT com
Email: gcpp.kalxas AT gmail DOT com
Phone (mobile): +30 693 2149344
Spoken Language(s)
Greek, English
Profile last updated
22 June 2012

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