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I work for the Province of Manitoba in the GeoManitoba Branch as a Geomatics Support Engineer.
I also operate a small consulting business at [http://www.hwps.ca Handyside Web Programming Services] . I have built the
[http://www.themuralsofwinnipeg.com/Mpages/indexMuralsMap.php <span style="color:green;">'''Mapping Interface'''</span>] for
[http://www.themuralsofwinnipeg.com/Mpages/index.php '''The Murals of Winnipeg'''] website
I have also created some [http://www.mappinggeek.ca/QGISPythonPlugins/ QGIS Python Plugins] for [http://www.mappinggeek.ca/QGISPythonPlugins/image_clipper/Quantum_GIS_Image_Clipper_Plugin.html image merging and clipping], [http://www.mappinggeek.ca/QGISPythonPlugins/image_cutter/indexInternet.html image tiling], a [http://www.mappinggeek.ca/QGISPythonPlugins/trackgps/TheQGISGPSTrackerPlugin.html GPS Tracker], and modified the [http://www.mappinggeek.ca/QGISPythonPlugins/zoom_to_pointPlugin/ModifiedZoomtoPoint.html Zoom-To-Point plugin]
I have also developed an Ushahidi website for [http://winnipegmuralsnews.crowdmap.com Tracking and Reporting Changes To The Murals of Winnipeg]
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{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
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|Name=Bob Bruce

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