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[[Category:OSGeo Charter Member]]
[[Category:OSGeo Charter Member]]
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Maxim Dubinin

Who I am

Hello, my name is Maxim Dubinin, I am currently:

  • Founder and CEO of NextGIS - Opensource geospatial solutions provider
  • Founder and current head of GIS-Lab - Geospatial community for experts and amateurs for Russian-speaking audience, founded in 2001.

What I've done

Things I have done personally or initiated or led:

  • Wrote over 220 articles majority of which are about opensource GIS tools and data (en, ru)
  • Participated in 11 communal projects at GIS-Lab and coordinated 5 of them, including translation of GRASS and gvSIG manuals, OSGeo Live docs, creation of the first truly open dataset of administrative division of Russia, etc.
  • Wrote and co-authored 20+ QGIS plugins, submitted 100+ bugreports, participated in GDAL and QGIS source tree
  • Sponsored OpenLayers and QGIS
  • NextGIS is among first 4 corporate sponsors of OpenStreetMap, Gold-sponsored OSM Baltics Conference in Tartu, 2013 (link)
  • Threw the first Russian OpenStreetMap mapping party in 2009
  • Started daily OSM extracts to OSM/PBF and ESRI Shapefiles for Russia (incl. regional ones) and former USSR for 5+ years since 2009
  • Jump started Russian OpenStreetMap Council in 2011
  • Organized Open GIS conference in Moscow in 2012 and 2015 (http://gisconf.ru): 400+ attendants from 150+ organizations, 2 days, 4 simultaneous sections (2 presentations, 2 workshops).

All these accomplishments would not be possible without many co-authors, helpers, fellow enthusiasts to whom I'm eternally grateful.

More about myself

You can reach me at: sim@gis-lab.info

All personal info, list of publications, CV, more contacts etc can be found here: http://m-d.me

My GitHub stuff is here.

My OSM profile.

NextGIS GitHub is there.