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Michael P. Gerlek (mpg)


Location: Eagle, Idaho, USA (43.70N,116.34E)

Michael P. Gerlek (mpg) has been involved with OSGeo since its inception and serves on its board of directors. He has been in the geospatial industry for almost fifteen year, and currently runs the product development team for OneOcean, a marine GIS startup in Seattle.

OSGeo Experience

OSGeo board.png OSGeo charter.png OSGeo user.png

  • involved with OSGeo since initial Chicago meeting in February of 2006
  • the original OSGeo T-shirts guy
  • led the Visibility Committee (VisCom) for ~1 year
  • occasional speaker, workshop presenter, etc
  • co-founder of CUGOS, the Seattle-area chapter of OSGeo
  • author or editor of many articles on open source
Email: mpg AT flaxen DOT com
Profile last updated
11 July 2012