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Andrea Giacomelli aka pibinko

Andrea Giacomelli aka pibinko

Free lance at

Location: Torniella/Tatti, Southern Tuscany

Andrea Giacomelli is a free-lance "civic-environmental" engineer, with a PhD in Hydrology and an MS in Environmental Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. His core technology background comes from over twenty years of experience in geographic information systems and environmental data management, with projects in international research and corporate settings.

In parallel to this, since 2007 he started to develop his own line of activity in communication, marketing and awareness raising, primarily related to promotion and protection of lesser known resources in the areas of culture, environment, and open innovation.

Most of the activities he manages in this field have a strong component of community engagement and social innovation, and he as received awards and national media visibility for his main projects. He is based in Southern Tuscany, and operates both with local communities and international networks (occasionally bridging these two dimensions).

He has been an active user of free/open source geographic software since 1994 (one of the first GRASS users in Italy, and a credited contributor to shapelib).

In 1998 he coded an extension to conver APR files to a frame-based HTML page (see apr2html), to provide minimal web publishing options, when web-GIS solutions were starting. About 8000 copies of this script were downloaded.

OSGeo-related Experience
  • President of the association, promoting use of free/open technologies applied to cultural and environmental issues
  • Founding member of (Italian OSGEO Chapter), and board member (2007-2009) and vice president (2008-2009). Dedicated primarly to communication/marketing
  • Extended track record in creation and management of events

Email: info AT pibinko DOT org
Phone: +39 347 1533 857 (mobile)
Spoken Language(s)
Italian, English, French, basics in Portugues, Spanish, German and Sardinian
Profile last updated
26 August 2015